There are several wine regions in the USA. Obviously there is NAPA and Sonoma, but many other areas produce great wines.

A wide range of both white and red wines. Everything from light to heavy, dry to sweet, plus sparkling wines. California is the premier wine producer in the USA with five major wine growing regions: North Coast (Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino), Central Coast (Monterey and the Bay Area), Sierra Foothills (Calaveras, El Dorado) South Coast (Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties) and Central Valley (Lodi and Woodbridge). With its rolling hills and warm, sunny climate the state is rivaling its European counterparts with award-winning wines that are world-famous. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir are some of the dominant varieties. Zinfandel is a grape grown almost exclusively in California, and produces a wine equal to or better than European grapes. California wines tend to have a higher alcoholic content and more pronounced aroma and flavor than the European wines.

A wide range of both white and red wines. Oregon is celebrated for its cool-climate grape varieties, including Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay, and especially Pinot noir. Oregon’s many microclimates make for unique growing conditions throughout the State. Since Oregon’s wine renaissance in the 1960s, wines have grown so meteorically that the state now boasts 134 wineries and nearly 10,000 acres of premium varietal wine grapes, principally Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot gris, Gewurztraminer, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot blanc, Zinfandel, and Sauvignon blanc.

A wide range of both white and red wines. Washington ranks 2nd in premium wine production in the US. There are over 240 wineries in Washington, and over 300 grape growers. Red wine varietals include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, and Sangiovese. Leading white varietals include Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Viognier.

Written on October 21st, 2010

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