Spain has several really varied climate and wine regions. They produce some earthy red wines. You could roughly separate the regions of Spain into: North, Central, Mediterranean, South, and the islands. The north encompasses the green valleys, ancient monasteries, dolmens and bagpipes of Galicia; the lovely Cider producing area of Asturias, with its quaint fishing villages; the ancient cave paintings and elegant coastal resort towns of Cantabria; Gourmet Basque country, including the two important cities of San Sebastian and Bilbao; picturesque Navarra, famed for its Rosado wines and exciting experimenting with French varietals for the reds; and of course the world famous wine producing area of La Rioja. La Rioja is spiritually part of the Basque country, but is its own autonomous region, politically. The wines are usually red, full bodied and aged in American and French oak barrels, giving the wines distinct nuances like vanilla, cedar and tobacco.

Written on October 21st, 2010

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