Barolo is Italy’s top collectable wine. When Piedmonte winemakers wish to make Barolo or Barberesco the laws governing these wines require a certain time of aging, a minimum of 4 years. They can only then be classified as such. Any excess wine can only be sold as table wine, even though the final products are relatively the same. Hence the creation of “Bastardo”.

This blend of red wines may be a breakthrough in wine making. In essence this wine is the illegitimate son of a Barolo, hence the name. Full bodied this variety is excellent with game, red meat, pasta, rich cheese, or on it’s own.

The aroma is fruity and the taste is soft and smooth. Lots of fruit, low tannins, and hint of spice on the finish. Not as bold as Barolo but very similar flavor. An amazing value at around $10. The vintage we tasted was from 2002 and it has held up well.

Written on October 21st, 2010 , Wines

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