Welcome to “Da Felicin” – Felicin is a hotel and restaurant surrounded by the green of Langhe, whose history unfolds alongside the Rocca family history. Three generations taking care of a way of life in which the relationship between man and land is essential, gives soul to a project of cooking as food culture. Nino and Silvia, the last inheritors of the Rocca family tradition, welcome their guests with the simplicity and straightforwardness of everyday life, to let them “taste” a pleasant stay.
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Written on October 21st, 2010 , Food, Lodging

Castello del Trebbio was built as a fortress in the twelfth century for the Pazzi family. Its fame is due to the “Pazzi Conspiracy”, a plot organized by the Pazzi family in 1478 to kill their old enemies Giuliano and Lorenzo de’ Medici. In the fifteenth century ownership transferred to the Medici family who converted it into a villa. The current family purchased it in 1968 and have restored it respecting its history. The estate comprises about 60 hectares of grapes, 10.000 olive trees and native forest, a total of 350 hectares. A tour of the castle and the old wine cellars with wine and olive oil tasting is possible for groups with reservation. Also part of the estate are apartments for rent by tourists.

The owners of Trebbio have recently opened a very unique and creative restaurant. We say unique and creative because they specialize in gourmet style dishes not normally found in the region. Since Anna and Stefano have companies and produce wine in Sardegna (the place is Gergei, 60 km. northern from the capital of sardinia, Cagliari), in Pantelleria (Sicilian isle between Sicily and Africa) and in Maremma (southern Tuscany), they bring herbs, vegetables, and other specialties for their menu. The result is a gastronomic treat that surpasses the typical Tuscan pasta dishes tourists find everywhere else.
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Written on September 21st, 2010 , Food

Perhaps no region of the world personifies the warmth and graciousness of good food and great wine more completely than Tuscany. Its sunny slopes, medieval towns, and rich cultural history provide an irresistible setting for such inviting cuisine and wines. Throughout its colorful history, Tuscany has been a land of important artists and scientists, talented and forward-thinking merchants, and powerful politicians. Its castles, culture, and natural wonders make it a unique and memorable destination for millions of tourists every year. Tuscany’s museums, sights, and edible delights are unsurpassed. A special mystique and light envelops this region of Italy, distinct from anywhere else in Europe .
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