A “Tour” is a trip (real or virtual) with visits to various places of interest for business, pleasure, or education.

Learn how to properly drink and enjoy wine. Explore food and wine pairings, and discover which glass works best. Get educated on how to taste wine and detect the subtle flavors and aromas that different grapes bring to the wine. Find out how grapes grow, are harvested, and how the same grape gives different flavors when grown in different areas. Get reviews on wines, wineries, and wine happenings.

Our goal is to provide you detailed information about the wines, wineries, and grape varieties of Europe and other wine producers of the world. And how to travel and explore wine regions.

This is your source for useful information, news, and reviews on Every-Day-Wine from around the world. Our focus is on high quality wine to enjoy every day without spending the high prices normally associated with collections. We also have information & tips on how to drive, travel, and tour wine areas of the world.

Begin your trip by choosing a Page, Category, or Browse the Archives. Or enter a Search Term, such as Italy, to find all the information for a specific topic.

Written on October 21st, 2010

A Virtual Tour of Grapes, Wines, Wineries